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Gougères - Cheese Puffs

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Gougères - Cheese Puffs

With my Atkins diet, carbs are the forbidden fruit and, of course, any recipe with flour draws my immediate attention.

Just received this from Saveur and had to share:

I will keep this recipe for when company cometh!!  Just sounds sooo good.


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Not only sounds good... they are good!


I can't believe Saveur is still sending that recipe out to their readers, but I guess you can't keep a classic down.  

I subscribed to Saveur briefly about 15 or so years ago and the Gougere recipe was one of the subscription perks they had at the time.  They had printed it on a long narrow sheet of paper which is, to this day, used as a place-holder in my copy of Bernard Clayton's Complete Book of Breads.  I've made the recipe about a half dozen times over the years and it's a hit every time.  The gruyere gives the pate a choux a nutty, slightly tangy flavor that goes well with whatever I've tried filling the puffs with (although, truthfully, I've had to make a second batch because so many of them are consumed before they ever get filled).

Be careful - they're addictive!

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10 months later finally had an occasion (actually two occasions - my husband and my birthdays and company to share) to try these tender fluffy bites.  Sorry, no picture, gone too fast - absolutely must serve while still warm to taste the butter melting on your tongue and the decadence of the embedded Gruyere cheese (despite its astronomical price, it was worth not substituting a less expensive cheese).  A true treat. Maybe next time I will throw in a tiny piece of crab meat or even a minute piece of anchovy.   Happy Spring !!  Finally  !!