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rotating/ revolving oven

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rotating/ revolving oven

I am looking for advice and opinions on revolving gas ovens. The type I am speaking of have one door and the pans rotate around like a ferris wheel .  Some that I have searched have steam seems a lot of bagel makers use these however I am looking to make breads of varying degree.

And thank you in advance.

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for a year or so, it had no steam injection so we used a hose with a fine misting setting, Ours was quite old and while very impressive in construction and totally sufficient for baking in volume if you are going to be dropping big bucks on a commercial oven thats intended for bread I'd go for a big ole multi deck hearth oven instead, but maybe thats not what yer after.

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were for decades the standard used in north american commercial bakeries, they are quite practical for baking panned (pullman)open top and closed top sandwich breads, but in my opinion of little use for artisan loaves. The baking chamber airspace is huge, it's difficult to effectivly use steam injection with these. Many of them were also very poorly insulated, energy inefficient and required frequent greese application to dampen the screeching noise of the shelves and cogs. These ovens are often being replaced with more compact deck or rotating rack ovens, sometimes they can even be had for the price of removing them.

Unless you're primarily interested in baking pullman style, i'd say hands off                                       



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The Yakima Kid

They are good for cakes, pastries, biscuits, pies, etc. as well as sandwich type loaves.