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We 3 gmas "gone retro"

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We 3 gmas "gone retro"

This month we are calling Retro Supper Month... mid week we are getting together to make a "50-60s" Supper and then having the good old fashioned leftovers... or re-purposed meals to fill out the week... All the meals have a dessert but some might or might not have breads, depending on how the week is going, whether Lucy has visited our kitchens and whether our memories have put the ingredients on the shopping recap a bit... the first week of February we made... meatloaf and dinner rolls, lemon meringue pie, last week we made fried chicken and mashed potatoes,sourdough popovers, pumpkin pie... each of us added a veggie ... I am going to toss in an assortment of pictures to catch y'all up on our doings... and then maybe I can post a more coherent blog for this week. The lead in picture is Helen's Supper...

 Left is Barb's leftovers...

and to the right here, is my meatloaf......  This pie on the left is Helen's pumpkin with struesel topping.

These popovers in the oven are Barb's....  

  This is my pumpkin pie with pecan struesel

Here is my baked chicken, rosemary potatoes...

popovers and green beans..

While making these dinners, Barb still reigned supreme on that gorgeous tartine bread...


These loaves just keep getting better 

 looking... don't they?

 Seriously good breads...

Will do better at tracking this week... looking forward to Retro Wednesday's Sisters Supper Club... Spaghetti and Garlic bread is this week's theme... We are looking at those chewy italian ciabatta rolls on KA... maybe... who knows... we still have more talking and planning to do... research and chatting with my sisters is what makes it all worthwhile...

Thanks for checking in... 

Happy Baking and Memory making... Diane and Helen and Barbra.






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Okay...remind me not to read your posts before I have eaten dinner!!  Now I need to get up and cook some dinner :)

Wow...what a great collection of food, and that bread looks perfect.

Thanks for sharing and making me hungry.


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Glad we could help... I bet dinner will be awesome!

Enjoy, Diane

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50's and 60's would be so cool and 'retro' today and better yet still delicious.  They all look terrific and the pies divine.Lucy loves pie and usually makes 1 a week of some kind but, since the holidays, she has become a slacker, not like her at all :-)

Oh My!  Those Tartine boules of Barbra's are perfect - even Chad would be proud of them, He would have to sell them for $11 a loaf instead of the $10 he usually charges :-)

Lucy as been missing your posts and she is happy to know you will get back on schedule .,  Well done all the way around GMA's and

Happy Baking

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I admit I have been being lazy... but hey, I am old... LOL... glad to be more organized today... still having fun with two of the best cooks in the world... and all y'all too.

Happy Baking, Diane

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about the GMA's weekly baking and cooking escapades together.  I really feel like I've been adopted into the sisterhood! Lucy is very jealous :-)

dabrownman's picture

about the GMA's weekly baking and cooking escapades together.  I really feel like I've been adopted into the sisterhood! Lucy is very jealous :-)

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of cooking and baking. Ian and DAB we often use your postings as our benchmark of quality so it is great to hear from you both. I'm still working on the Tartine. Had been doing the final shape more as Ken Forkish does but last week I went back to the basic country loaf of Tartine and more carefully followed the directions for the final shaping. Really made a difference. Can't seem to bake it bold enough without scorching the bottom crust. Today I had the bright idea to remove one of the loaves from the pan the last ten minutes and just set it on the oven rack. Not such a good idea after all! Really scorched it. It isn't actually burned but it is very boldly baked. Will try higher rack placement and lower temperature next, advice would be appreciated-not going to give up, the bread has too good of a wheat taste to abandon. (Especially over a simple cause like lack of skill)

Tell Lucy she is our favorite assistant and we send her an extra portion of butter from her adopted aunties. Max might like a small steak better. I think our assistants do really run our kitchens and just allow us to work there cleaning up.

Take care, Barbra