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Wonder Bread or Wonderful Bread?

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Wonder Bread or Wonderful Bread?


This forum has been my teacher and my mentor as I explore artisan bread. I've had some successes and spectacular failures.

As co-publisher and editor of GoodFood World, I often write about bread, flour, and grain. Here is the latest piece we've published on the subject of bread. Enjoy!

And if you'd like more there are links to selected original articles on bread and grain on the "slider" to the bottom of the home page.

Much thanks to you all for your advice and encouragement!

Gail N-K

(Photo taken by Ken Kailing, my very talented husband!)


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Oooo... beautiful loaf and, yes, wonderful photo by your husband.

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From you that's a very special complement! I'm such a rank beginner - 3 years into my 5-year plan - but getting there thanks to folks like you!

Gail N-K
GoodFood World

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I think both look great, congratulations  to both of you. 

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Excellent looking bread. Nice photo as well.

I enjoyed your article very much and couldn't agree more!  I cringe whenever I go down the bread aisle at the supermarket.