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Hi I am a small cake shop in the UK and currently use a wide oven with 2 shelves for my cupcake and cookie making. The oven can bake 60 cupcakes at one time. 

We have started to get really busy and for some events we bake as much as 1000 cupcakes and as you can imagine this take a long time in my little oven so I need to upgrade!!

I wouldnt want to replace my oven as it is only a few years old and is great for celebration cakes but we are looking to buy another oven to work along side it. We bake and decorate in the shop and only have a small space so would need a oven with a capacity to bake atleast 100 cupcakes at a time but doesnt take up lots of space.

Which oven is best for cupcakes and cookies?

Any help will be appreciated as I am not a trained baker and have no clue on different types of ovens!!


Thanks in advance! 



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Bob S.

Cookies and cupcakes should do well in a convection oven (I assume you are not currently using a convection oven). The biggest advantage to convection ovens are the shorter baking times. Oven temperatures are generally set lower than for conventional ovens. This all adds up to lower energy costs.


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oven, you can usually find second hand pro units at reduced prices.  Advantages as quoted above but beware that the margin for error is smaller and they do tend to dry out your products quicker, which may or may not be an advantage.  Also check how intense the convection is and how the air flows, I've seem some strange results with puff pastry/choux pastry items being literally 'blown out of shape' :-)  Best would be to get professional advice from a producer or from a baker.  Oh, and make sure that whatever you get, your power supply is up to the task.