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Parsons Bread book from 1974

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Parsons Bread book from 1974


I just stumbled across a PDF scan of a book some here might be interested in. It is "Parsons Bread Book" and it self-describes as

A celebration of the art of baking bread and the great bakers of New York City by students at Parsons School of Design

It looks like a good read:-)




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I've had this book for over 30 years, and bought bread at a number of the bakeries highlighted. The bagel shop on Kings Highway was just down the block from my father's drugstore. It always smelled wonderful, and who could resist a bagel so hot you had to keep the paper bag around it. I still plan to bake the bread "hands" on the cover one of these days. Thanks for reminding me.

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Thanks for sharing.  This is a nice historical account of some great bakeries.