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Sourdough Pulla!

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Sourdough Pulla!

I have baked this in the past as a yeasted recipe and thought I would try a half recipe using my SD starter.  I fed the starter 1:1:1 and 4 hours later it had more than doubled, so I mixed as per the recipe only using dabrownman's sourdough process:  knead for 5 minutes, 5 rest then knead for another 5.  Bulk proof on the counter with S&F's at 30, 60 and 90 minutes, 11/2 hours on the counter then into the fridge to retard overnight.  An hour to warm up this morning, then divide and scale the dough, pre-shape and bake.  I baked about 25 minutes @ 400F on convection, using steam for the first 10 minutes, which is something I have never done with pulla.  The steam seemed to help.

This bake nearly turned into a gong show as I ran out of bread flour before the dough was mixed and ended up using about 5% each cake & pastry flour and durham semolina.  The result is some of the best tasting pulla I have ever baked!  Fantastic with strong, fresh coffee!

I also let the dough tell me when to bake and proofed for 40 minutes, rather than the suggested 20 in the original recipe.  I had 2 loaves, so I proofed the 2nd for 60 minutes and saw no difference in the loaves, so 40 minutes is right.

I paid a visit to this morning and gifted the head baker a half loaf and was able to purchase another 20 kg bag of Bakemark Deluxe Strong Bakers Flour for $20 and that should keep me out of trouble for another 4 or 5 months.

Happy baking TFLers!



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Hi Brian,
Those look *fantastic*! (and bet it tastes even better)
:^) breadsong


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Thanks! :-)

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Hi Brian,

Isn't it a great feeling when something does turn out even though you have to simply use what you have on hand? Methinks this is how a lot of great formulas come about and now you know you can do it too :)  This ad-lib thing is one of the things I learned here and it has made a huge difference in my baking.  

I am glad to know that the wy leaven didn't taste too strongly in your pulla.  Once I learned how to bake with wy I converted all of my iy formulas to wy so I rarely use iy at all anymore even in highly enriched breads like pullas…

Love the dark crust on these braids too.  One of the things I learned about proving challahs is that they can prove longer than a regular loaf so that there isn't as much oven spring.  Keeps the braids from pulling apart.  Yours looks really pretty!

Take Care,


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For your kind and encouraging words!  No doubt the lengthy sourdough process helped improve the flavour, but I am so happy with the results that I will use both pastry and semolina flour in the same proportions next pulla bake.  Anyhow this whole sourdough baking experience has become a most gratifying experience -- producing really tasty breads that are also beginning to look pretty is pretty cool, I think . . .

Happy baking!  Brian