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Fun with Jason's Ciabatta

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Frequent Flyer

Fun with Jason's Ciabatta

It's been a year or more since I've made Jason's Quick Ciabatta recipe, so I made a variation first and followed the next day with his standard recipe.

For the variation, I mixed Jason's standard 95% hydration dough until it started to climb the mixer paddle.  At that time I added enough flour to make a 75% hydrated dough and retarded it overnight in the fridge. The next day, I shaped, proofed and baked the loaves.

Later that day, I made the standard recipe which is always fun for me to make and will be nice for dinner tomorrow with the kids.



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Both variations are just fantastic.  Nice to have such a flexibke recipe.  The kids will love them

Happy baking FF 

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Laura T.

Looks great and very kid-friendly :)

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Excellent bake!  Nice job.


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Frequent Flyer

...I appreciate the comments.