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Sprouted rye sourdough with black sesame seeds n flaxseeds n cranberry

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evonlim's picture

Sprouted rye sourdough with black sesame seeds n flaxseeds n cranberry

another version of sprouted SD loaves.. i love these they came out just great. thought i share some pictures.


 boldly baked at 250C with steam for 15 mins and without steam at 220C 15 mins



featuring the batards..




all were taken to good homes, as you can see from the above picture courtesy from a Japanese friend. that was how she enjoyed the bread, with brie and a good white wine.

sorry did not take any pictures of the crumb. did not have any for myself to eat too! 

this again was an enjoyable bake :)



isand66's picture

Another beautiful bake Evon.

You have some lucky friends that is for sure.

I love the way the crannberries come through on the top of the crust.



evonlim's picture

thanks Ian, i am just glad to able to have friends that appreciate. 

yeah, those peeping cranberries were eye catching little thing.


Janetcook's picture

Hi Evon,

Beautiful loaves!  I am experimenting with the bold bakes too and, so far, people are really liking it.  Surprised me because I thought the crusts would taste burned..

Thanks for the lovely photos.

Take Care,


evonlim's picture

hi Janet, i thought so too initially. once i accidentally forgot to lower the preheating temperature that was 250C to 220C. and since than i actually baked at 250C for at least 10 to 15 mins,  turning the loaves every 10mins to get even color.

glad you liked the photos..

take care too



Song Of The Baker's picture
Song Of The Baker

Great loaves once again Evon.  Love how they look like the are ready to burst.  nice and tight crust with blisters.



evonlim's picture

hello John, yes the blisters, they are pretty little bubbles. a well preheated oven and steam is crucial for this result! 

happy baking


Wingnut's picture

Well Done Evon, great looking bread. I am just guessing by the slashes but are these a high hydration breads? 



evonlim's picture

it is 75% hydration. 


dabrownman's picture

Sprouts have take to you as much as you have takes to the.  A nice paring.  Your Japanese friend has very clean floors, something that separate them from everyone else especially my apprentice who drags who knows what in from outside  :-)  Love your bread and it is nicely yet boldly baked as always - well done..  We did a multi grain scald instead of sprouts today and didn't bake as bold - even though it got to 207 F!

Happy baking.

evonlim's picture

lol.. you did notice more than you need to!! the expats here mostly are living in comfortable condominiums and with in house maid services!! 

yes, i saw your new post have not get back to comment. takes a little more time for me to digest your whole formula!!


golgi70's picture

Looks great.  I recently made a multigrain with flax that I thought would have gone good with cranberry.  How do they taste together?  Seems like theyd match well.  

Nice baking


evonlim's picture

oh yes, they tasted great together! 

Mebake's picture

Those are beauties, Evon! are they leavened with rye sour?

Very generous of you to give away fruits of your labor to friends without leaving any to yourself. 


evonlim's picture

yes Khalid, a mixture of dark rye and bread flour. 

happiness is giving... especially those appreciate!!