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Tang Zhong, whey, potatoes ,roses...and more.

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Tang Zhong, whey, potatoes ,roses...and more.

It is hard to keep up on the forum lately. So many innovative techniques being used . I decided to combine several things that I have wanted to try . So far noone else has done this particular set of combinations so hopefully it will be informative. First I made a sourdough focaccia. I used my kefir whey for all of the liquid. I added some sun dried tomatoes and topped with dried orgeano and New Orleans olive salad from our favorite place Central Grocery. It was wonderful. The crust top and bottom was crisp and browned...oweing in part to the black steel pan . We had it with Conchiglie tutto Giardino..and ate in the garden too . The only thing I will change next time is increase the liquid to perhaps get a more open crumb. 200 g starter 590 g "00" flour 300 g kefir whey or water ( I will add more next time) 10 g salt mix,autolyse 30 min. Knead gently 5 min. Fold q 30 min x 2 hrs . add in 50 g sundried tomatoes coarsley chopped. Press into greased 15x10 pan. Let rise 3 hrs. brush with olive oil and top as desired. I used 100g olive salad drained and dried oregano. Bake at 450 for 30 min  photo IMG_6245_zpsb277eb1f.jpg  photo IMG_6246_zpsb269393e.jpg  photo IMG_6247_zps59f8b2bd.jpg  photo IMG_6248_zps0e1d2bca.jpg garden May 15th 2013 photo IMG_6264_zps23ad3243.jpg Next I started with Ian's tang zhong roll formula and changed it up some. I used 1/2 white and 1/2 rye starter. I used all "00" flour for the white flour. I subbed semolina for the rye. When I made the tang I used 20g durum and 30g white with 250 g whey/potato water. I cooked the potatoes in the whey and then drained and cooled and added. I didn't add any onions so the rolls could be used in more ways. 426g starter 417 g "00" flour 50g spelt 50g semolina 16 g salt 150 g 2% milk 25 g olive oil cook tang zhong using 20g semolina, 30g "00" and 250 g whey potato water 125 g mashed potatoes cooked in whey I autolyse flours, milk, tang zhong, starter and olive oil. Let it all set for about an hour. I then added the salt and the potatoes. I followed Ian's advice on mixer times. Beat the heck out of it like a ciabatta ! It is a very soft dough. Did the s and f's for about a half dozen on a lightly floured counter. Brushed off any extra flour but it makes it come together much better , I think. Rest covered 1 hr and then into fridge overnight. Take out next AM and shape while cold. I never shape at room temp. Much easier when cold . Now only need to rise for 1 1/2 hr and then bake. Great oven spring ! Wonderful crust...I brushed with beaten egg white and topped with roasted sesame seeds. I will use only egg white from now on. Much nicer crust and tastes better too. I spray water into oven a couple times and find that is plenty of steam . Preheated at 500 and lowered to 460 baked for 20 min to 210 degrees. The crumb is more open and the texture is soft...but...they are more like bread...chewier and the crumb is cool tasting. I can't say that I am as fond of theses rolls as I am the other ones. tz,potato and whey potato water photo IMG_6269_zpsdd4e3527.jpg close up tz etc... photo IMG_6270_zps20cdc0b9.jpg tang whey pot. rolls photo IMG_6271_zps3d63d233.jpg crumb twp rolls photo IMG_6273_zpsb98fd922.jpg sourdough buns. These the the ones I have made before that Ian also posted. I made them this time with all whey and I also only used my kefir cheese. I doubled the recipe. I used 1/2 rye and 1/2 white starter. Otherwise I used the same method as above. Autolyse...mix with the salt. s and f's and then in the fridge...shape cold and rise 1 1/2 hrs. Bake with a couple mists. Brushed with egg white and sesame seeds. SUPERIOR ..these are like fine pastry. Amazing. even better than the last time I made them. The whey makes them smell and taste like they are full of butter :) But they aren't..only 100 grams for 2 doz rolls. kefir cheese and whey photo IMG_6258_zps6f738a00.jpg kc and w photo IMG_6259_zps3a30829d.jpg kc and w photo IMG_6260_zps5e5c74c1.jpg kc and w photo IMG_6261_zpsc5fd1b2a.jpg note the finer texture: crumb kc and w photo IMG_6262_zps97ddc2eb.jpg yum..lunch by the pool ! sandwich kc and w photo IMG_6263_zps8dfc1d52.jpg  photo IMG_6265_zps56cb13fe.jpg clematis and jasmine  photo IMG_6266_zpsf7ca84bc.jpg more jasmine and roses...the fragrance is amazing !  photo IMG_6267_zpsdd3857d2.jpg more jasmine :  photo IMG_6268_zpsc9910285.jpg


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justice to the post. Floyd has been busy today! The focaccia is delightful but few things can beat a really good roll (or trays of different ones) to sample. You really ahve to quit hanginf with Ian since he loves rolls too... especially all the grreat stuff you can put between them! I'm partial to the more open crumb ones but I'm a sucker for holes and it's the taste that counts. So which ones taste the best?

Now the icon and edit bar is missing again so no spell checking this post unless I use th the Google tool bar:-) iI is nice to know that some things never change at my age. Change scares my apprentice to no end. I can't turn off emails notifying me of replys to my commets? That is a new one.

Happy baking trailrunner!

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the gremlins are at work ! I had to delete my whole first post...what a mess. Luckily cut/pasted the text into my email and then cut/pasted it back into a new post !  What we do for love :) So ...the rolls without the tang taste best , at least within the hour they were baked. So the true test will be" as time goes by"...hmm...hmm...will let you far no tang is best. c

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The focaccia is so yummy looking. I have a little imp in form of my daughter's friend who expects a focaccia every week. This should make the focaccia monster very happy. Both the rolls look good. 

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post back when you make it. I will up the liquid next time ..but it is really good the way it is. c

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I love it!  Delicious looking bread AND pasta and all that other gorgeous stuff too.

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I am glad you enjoyed it grind. c

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Great looking focaccia and rolls. Glad I could inspire you a bit but sorry they didn't come out as good as you hoped.  I'm sure next time you will adjust and they will be perfect.  Love your gardens as well.