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Interesting Read

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Interesting Read

Interesting read, I think I will make some Baguettes.




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Thanks for sharing. How interesting to read about the selection process from a jury member. I will definitely share this with my French college students, they know how crazy about bread I am. :)

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Frank Santos

  • Name:___________________________________________________________
  • Company:________________________________________________________
  • Email:____________________________________________________________
  • Adress for Work:___________________________________________________
  • Phone Number (work): ______________________________________________
  • Job Title:_________________________________________________________


  1. Why did you select your type of work?(Baking)
  2. What interests and skills are needed for sucessful employment in this field?
  3. How do people find out about job openings in your occupation?
  4. What were the most useful subjects you took in high school to help with this particular type of work?
  5.  What part does technology(computers) play in this occupation?
  6.  Does  your job require updating, retraining, or additional education?
  7. Would you recommend someone going into this field of work and what advice would you give them?

            Please help me answer these questions it would really be helpfull this is a carrer I would really like to do so I'm doing this for my carrer project please report back. :) Thank you .!!


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says this site is totally unsafe and will cause you get a virus, malware, spyware, phishing expeditions and then die!


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DAB I am shocked to hear that my link (from King Authur Flour) is a bad link. I am sorry if I inadvertently caused any problems. 



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Another site had hijacked this one for a short time earlier.  Now Kapersky says the site is fine and no problem.  The winner sure looks happy, 

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Great article.