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Levain a l'ancienne...

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Levain a l'ancienne...

I've been working on a way to combine the Reinhart "Pain a l'ancienne" technique with a 100% sourdough from a fresh ground whole wheat starter for some time. I'm incredibly proud of this little personal breakthough, and looking forward to cutting into this bad boy! Ah bread... the stuff of life!


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Waiting for the crumb photo.


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beautiful bake and a good ear!!!


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Crumb was nice, but not quite there. Hydration was around 75% and I'm going to take the loaf for tomorrow night to about 82%. The fresh ground flour seems to really drink it in. As soon as I get a cross section that is commensurate with the rest of the loaf I'll post. (Plus, frankly, we ate most of it so fast... there wasn't time to photograph it post slicing!) We grilled it with olive oil and buttered the other side. Sinful!