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Super Fluffy Focaccia

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Super Fluffy Focaccia

To celebrate my new oven and lovely sunny weather here in London I mixed up some focaccia, which turned out super moist and super fluffy.

Well pleased with it, one of the easiest recipes I ever came up with - full recipe on my blog here


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And it must have smelled wonderful, too.


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Nice bake...looks real tasty.

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i  made this last night at about 11pm and had to make myself stop eating it and go to bed it was amazing. i equate it with a thick deep dish pizza crust with what ever u like on top. i cut tomatoes up and shoved them into the holes and added rosemary  unreal!

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Thank you so much, that's a lovely comment

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My bread definitely isn't dense, but it's just now as puffy as I'd hoped. Also my dough wasn't as wet as you'd implied. Any tips? Was my dough too small? Do different altitudes require different amounts of water or oil?

Thanks for the great recipe!

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Adding additional 30-50 ml of water to the dough until you get nice wet consistency. Also try proving for a bit longer - another 20 mins or so. After the initial prove, transfer the dough on a baking with as little handling as possible, try retaining as much volume as possible. Make dimples and leave for the second prove. 

The extra air should help with the texture. Let me know if you are still having problems and I will do a more detailed post