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Tasty Freshly Ground Organic Whole Wheat Tortillas in Minutes

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Tasty Freshly Ground Organic Whole Wheat Tortillas in Minutes

As I've mentioned before in other postings, I keep a "sourdough bin" in my fridge which I pinch from to make loaves of bread & pizza doughs.  (The sourdough I keep in the bin is just made from starter, freshly ground organic whole wheat, salt & purified water--80% hydration.)

Well I found a wonderful new use for the dough bin tonight!  I make homemade Chorizo and wanted to make some Chorizo burritos tonight, one each for my boyfriend and myself--along with cilantro, tomatoes, onions, cheese, lime juice & salsa verde.  I normally use tortillas I buy from the store that cost about 20 cents a piece!

I just pinched a couple small balls of dough from the cold sourdough bin, floured them well and rolled them out very thin with a rolling pin.  I put them on a hot comal and they rose very nicely--better than the baking powder I used in homemade tortillas! (I kept them warm by putting them in a fold of a clean folded up bath towel.)

I made the two chorizo burritos with these sourdough flatbread tortillas and oh my did they taste good.  The tortilla had a wonderful texture and flavor.  It was crispy, chewy & a hint of tang--yum!  The dough was not dried out either.  The tortillas were pliable and had just the right amount of moisture, chewiness & crispiness. The burrito tasted wonderful.

Both my boyfriend and I agree that the burritos were so good this way, we will not be purchasing any more storebought tortillas.  Bye bye storebought tortillas loaded with preservatives, hydrogenated fat and dead wheat, at 20 cents a piece.  Hello all natural tortillas loaded with the nutrition of freshly ground wheat with zero fat, at only 3 cents a piece!

EDIT: Oh yeah another plus: 20% fiber to carbohydrate ratio on these tortillas compared to like 5% of white storebought tortillas.

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This sounds awesome. I definitely want to try this out. Thanks for sharing.

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and one will soon be in the fridge full of SD dough just hanging out to made into something.  Love your posts! We like to make twice as many burritos as required to freeze half.  The next time when the come out of the freezer we like to do something different with them.  After warming then up in a MW to room temperature, I think we would have to take your burritos, for another twist of a meal,  and put them into large Pyrex loaf dish and cover in mole or enchilada sauce (some under too so they don't stick to the bottom) , some sour cream and hot pepper jack cheese, bake for 20 minutes or so at 350 until the cheese in slightly brown and then garnish with scallions and cilantro.  I like killing to birds with one stone and only have to work once and enjoy twice - only different :-)

Home made chorizo, and other sausages, are only like 100 times better than that stuff in the tube too - although Food City Grocery Stores do have some really good bulk chorizo in AZ.

Happy baking and cooking!