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I haven't found much we needed at

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dabrownman's picture

I haven't found much we needed at

Goodwill for a few weeks but this weeks was different.  I finally found another baking stone - 16" ! A nice big square-ish one to go with my 16" round one.  Wasn't a great dollar deal but I wasn't waiting around for dollar Thursday's again and miss out - it would have been gone.  The stone was still less than $5.  Now I can put one on top of the oven above the one that has the bread on it ala Ian or make two pizzas at once for a change - or really smoke one from the top too.   It sure looks way better stain wise than my other stone after all of these years too.

I'm still on the looking for a 12 " square stone for the mini oven and a Pullman pan.   Have seen both but didn't snap them up like I should have - waitng for a better deal.


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Looks like the one I got at Williams Sonoma for $50. I'm shoppin at Goodwill now ;-)

dabrownman's picture

I'm not sure how much my other stone cost, since it was a gift, but I'm sure it wasn't as inexpensive as this one.  I'm not sure what brand it is. 

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I wish my Goodwill had such finds.  I've only found some baskets to buy at mine so you really lucked out.  I think you will like the effect the second stone has on the overall performance of your oven.


dabrownman's picture

actual size of this one is 14 1/2" x 16 1/2 " so now I can get a 20" baguette  across the middle instead of the 16" limit of my round stone.  That's one more slash worth of baguette length!  The pizza would have to be a couple of inches smaller if a round one but heck, I can't make them round most of the time anyway. 

The Goodwill, only a couple of blocks for the house, is pretty good for higher end stuff.  I can't imagine what the one in Scottsdale is like?    It is hit and miss and you have to be there at the right time.  No cat stuff either - for what seems like months now :-)

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Perfect!  Great score.


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shopping at Goodwill.  Goodwill is the one charity that uses 80% of the money they take in from sales to train and find jobs for those that need them - they just don't give money to the needy.  They have some diamonds and other good stuff at very reasonable prices and they need money just as much as the donations of stuff to sell.  I look at my purchases as a donation of money to a great cause that helps folks take care of themseleves and their families.

I was also raised to believe and practice that you don't get rich by spending your money ! 

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Nice find, DA! I need one... both my stones are broken. I use them, nevertheless :)

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at a fairly local one here in Canada (80 miles away) but alas, there wasn't anything! However I have found good stuff in various charity shops so keep hoping! But my rule is if its there and cheaper than new and I really would like it, then grab it while the grabbing is good! Otherwise it won't be there when you figure it will be cheaper like bag days, or dollar days etc.

I shop that way for regular stuff too, since I am a larger size, if I see things in my size its grab it while its there, as there seems to be lots of medium and small sizes left over and not so many large and xtra larges my daughter also has larger size feet, and they only bring in one or two pair of shoes and boots that are larger than the ladies 10 which is mostly the standard large size, so if she sees them, they fit and they look good to her, they go home with her! LOL

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on a stone for my mini oven and 2 brand new pullman pans withn lids waiting for dollar Thursdays.  No more.  I could have had all of them for $2.49 each.  Live and learn.

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If you are looking for a stone to use as a thermal mass, just go to your local home store and buy the heaviest ceramic tile of the desired size. I got 16" tiles at Menards on sale for $3 ea.

dabrownman's picture

12" ceramic tile for the mini oven that has a 12" baking surface, a box of 10 for less than a dollar each at Lowe's on sale, but every time I get water on them when steaming -  they crack.  Stack them up 3 high and they work well otherwise.