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smelly cheese for my valentine??

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smelly cheese for my valentine??

happy valentine's day to all 

a heart shape country boule 

hot from the oven, the blue cheese is still bubbling ! smells goood to me :)

the crumb.. 

added pumpkin puree and pine nuts besides the smelly cheese 'gorgonzola'




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Would be great with a bowl of soup :) c

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... look really, really good! I enjoy your posts! Did you bake this in a combo cooker? The one that is shown? I have several pots I bake in, but am thinking of getting a combo cooker. What size would you recommend for bread baking?

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The breads do best in the 3qt combo cooker, I think you'll find. Others are generally too large for bread, the 3 qt is just right. I got mine online, it is a Lodge, sometimes they are not that easy to come by in that size. Maybe others will have different opinions, happy baking whatever you do. Jean P. (VA)

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... Jean P. for your input. Anyone else would like to share their experience with the combo cookers?

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Now you need some fried chicken wings to go with your blue-cheese bread!

Looks fantastic.


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The outside looks fantastic.  Can't wait to see the inside.  The inside is as good as the outside!  What a beautiful crumb color too.

Nice baking!