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Breaking Bread, an exploration of bread and its many facets

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ars pistorica

Breaking Bread, an exploration of bread and its many facets

City loaf.



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What's in it? Looks like you retarded the shaped loaf overnight, given the blistering. Very nice.

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Gorgeous loaf - blistering crust, open crumb, and beautiful bloom. Why was it named city loaf?

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ars pistorica

City because bread has always been, in every form possible (liturgically, socially, physically, historically, and so on), about bringing people together.  Every baker of note has her own "country loaf," yet it does not resemble anything I ever ate growing up.  And I am from the country.  I do not buy into this fake claim to authenticity, a sort of faux-pastoral ideal to sell a loaf.  If one were to examine a timeline from when bread first starting getting made until now, one would notice that as society approaches the current date a few things occur:  bakeries are borne out of people coming together (communal town ovens, the village bakery, etc.).  Early wheat agriculture was our first known specialised industry that helped to push earlier humans toward more settled, less nomadic lives.

Bread is about coming together, like cities.

I am a city-dweller, even if mine is somewhat smaller, greener and less polluted than most in the world, and so is my bread.