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In was given 2 gallons of home made peach and elderberry wine

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In was given 2 gallons of home made peach and elderberry wine

I can not drink this stuff due to nightmares from my youth
Basement wine +teen+ ski trip= never drinking it again.
It smells each like elderberries and peaches enough that it should make good wine jelly

Anyone have any ideas for bread condiments that have fruity basement jug wine base? It was given with very sweet intent I want to try to use some to show appreciation


dabrownman's picture

you should reconsider and drink some of it like Jacque Pepin advises.  Just to make sure it isn't tainted or in case someone steals it.  :-)  If it tasted good and you don't die then you can put it in any number of breads that  Ian has made.  Check put isands66 blog and when you see a bread you think you like, then replace the liquid with your new treasure.   I do that all the time without telling anyone and I'm still alive.  I consider it a miracle :-)

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Mini Oven

Jump over your shadow and enjoy a glass served over ice and a little fizzy mineral water.  Chill the bottle once it's opened.


If you're in a cold climate you might want to warm it with some Christmas time spices and sliced oranges.  Warm hands and tummy on a cold winter evening.  You can enjoy a mug without drinking the whole jug at one sitting.  Teenies often drink over their limit (learning to know where it is.)   I'm sure you've grown out of that by now.  You certainly sound more cautious.

yy's picture

some ideas:

- summer pudding made with the wine and brioche

- make some jam

-thicken it up and use it as a filling for danishes, turnovers or even cake

-elderberry wine poached pears

Let us know how you end up using it. I hope your experience with basement wine is better this time around. May the force be with you :-)


Heidela123's picture

Everything you mention sounds so delicious! I should pretend this is muscat maybe and just get over it!

I keep cracking up at people's faces when they see it on my counter I have been under tremendous stress at work so they seem concerned with me! I like to cook and bake with booze I don't really drink much
I say " I am hoarding for the apocalypse!"

Heidela123's picture

Thank you I never thought about baking bread, I will look

As far as tasting....( shiver) we hit that basement wine hard as kids!
The pain and memories linger!
I will do it with a spritz though

I could have trash or treasure I guess

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liquor.  Someone opens a can and I have to head for the door fast to get outside before I upchuck!  Thank God most companies have stopped making that swill.  Some things can stick with you forever if  properly imprinted with vomit.......

So your wines are clear?  Sure it's not Everclear with a few drops of Elderberry Essence? No wait - that might be good - never mind.

Ian got me puting wine for the bread liquid instead of water and they turned out very nice.  If you don't want the color just use white wine,

Heidela123's picture

But I put a spoon in and tasted
Both are awful! The peach tastes like the OTHERkind of wine we drank as kids when we were not nipping basement wine!

My friend who makes and loves elderberry told me to put the elderberry away and leave it for 5 years, then it would be delicious.

The peach...I may just do the same they are both clear as can be

I think they were made from canned juice
Thanks again I am mulling those ideas for the wine I have on handM

yy's picture

Hahahah I really hope there's no chance that the person who gave you the wine views this forum. I once bought a $20 bottle of peach wine from a reputable orchard. I like peaches and I like wine - what could possibly go wrong? Turns out I had the same reaction as you. The peach wine was disgusting and tasted like Chinese herbal medicine and that Cepacol throat spray stuff. Maybe you could donate your wine to the local medical school's anatomy lab as an alternative to formalin solution.

CelesteU's picture

Get a vinegar mother (a starter) and turn those wines into nice wine vinegar.  Check out Sandor Katz's The Art of Fermentation for complete instructions (or his earlier book Wild Fermentation).

Or use the wines for cooking; pork and wild game both play well with fruit wines.

Heidela123's picture

I know a bench downtown to be honest where the winos sit. I almost feel like leaving it there as a Christmas gift
Sounds wrong to any healthy person I know. But reality s they would sell a warm coat for a bottle so why not give them one warm night to not to degrade further to drink

Phre1951's picture

thanks for the ideas..