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Pizza Dough

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Philip Rosenberg

Pizza Dough

Does it make any difference after I let my pizza dough to make the dough balls and let them cool rise?

Or let the entire dough cool rise and later make the pizza balls?


Any comments would be appreciated.

Philip in Tucson

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I just did a batch fermented dough ferment this past week.  I enjoy both ways, both with excellent results.  

I have done a batch ferment of pizza dough enough for over 20 pizza's.   

This pizza dough was placed into a container and given an overnight bulk ferment.  I removed it the next afternoon...very gently divided, rested and shaped into balls and placed the balls into a very extra large lightly oiled rubbermaid container.  

My WFO was not quit ready so the container of balls went back into the frig.  I removed the container a little later to allow the balls time to come to room temperture and then they were shaped for the pizza's and baked. 


A couple of the pizza's I made this day with batch fermented dough.  








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That looks fantastic!


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Thanks Gerhard....I was to modest to post the WFO, delicious, Boston Baked Beans, steak, stuffed mushrooms, pear salad...the 24" baguettes were ok, still working on those... I burned the cherry calafouti and oatmeat bread...but all in all it was a good bake.  ;) next go at it, I'll do less.