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My Bread and buns

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My Bread and buns

My Bread & Buns.

This is my best bread I have ever made.

This is what you would need to make it.

One large bowl one jug.



1 ½ Lbs white bread flour

1 Tablespoon vital wheat flour

1 teaspoon Xanthan gum

1 ½ teaspoon quick yeast

2 teaspoons of sugar

1 ½ oz butter

4 cups of milk

1 ½ salt

2 Eggs

This bread is what you would buy in your bakery.

Soft and really tasty.

I use a stand mixer no kneading just shape and let it double in size.


In your large bowl put in your flour, vital wheat flour,

xanthan gum, yeast ,sugar, salt.


In your jug put in milk, butter and put this in microwave for

1 ½ mins beat eggs in to this if finger hot.

Add this to your mixer in three parts not all at a time.

Mix on setting 3 for about 4 mins.

Place on floured bored shape let rise about 30 mins

or doubled in size


bake in oven on gas 6 buns about 25 30 mins bread about 40 45 mins



















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I don't have any Xanthan gum, can I continue with the recipe



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Yes you can but it will not be so fluffy also if you want a good crispy bun just befor putting them in the oven coat with water and  put on a good coat

of fine semilina.this will give you this, best regards you will like your bread. Mikeone. 

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Hellow again You can buy this on ebay hope this helps regards Michael mikeone.

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I am puzzled by the amount of milk in your recipe. 4 cups of milk is a lot for 1.5 pounds of bread flour. Normally, approximately 2 cups of liquid would be required for that amount of flour. Am I missing something?

Please confirm if the ingredients list is correct.