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delectable planet whole wheat bread video

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delectable planet whole wheat bread video

I think I had my first success with whole wheat bread following the delectable planet website's recipe and video here on youtube

Are there any other good videos for total whole grain breads?  I've been doing some searches, but it's tough to sort out the totally whole grain bread videos from the ones that mix white and wheat.

edited to show a picture after it was done.
Here's the crumb
Does it look right or could it be fluffier or airier?
I used the Great River Milling Co.'s organic whole wheat flour. 

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Fluffy and airy are terms that are generally not applied to 100% whole wheat bread.  Making the loaf as light as possible can be achieved, in part, by your handling of the dough.  After the initial mixing and kneading always handle the dough very gently and with great care.  This will maintain as much air as possible within the dough structure and contribute to bread of this type being as light as possible.  You also want a dough that is somewhere bewteen sticky and wet,  definitely not dry.


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Thanks. That helps.  I wasn't really sure what a decent electric oven baked loaf should look like.