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Bialys--finally got them looking like bialys!

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Bialys--finally got them looking like bialys!

Finally, success.  I watched Mark Strausman on youtube: and saw how he shapes the fully--and I mean fully to the point where the dough is blistering and nearly collapsing (thanks to Stan for that point)--proofed rolls and then baked them convection (450, 25 degress lower than conventional oven temp, preheated oven), two baking sheets (no stone), reversing the sheets midway.  I used a combination of the recipes in ITJB and Hamelman's Bread (except for the onions--I like them sauteed, no breadcrumbs, with a little poppy seed).  Here you have them:


Thanks to everyone who had suggestions, and you'll be happy to know that this was relatively "a piece of cake" (er--bialy).  



isand66's picture

Those look excellent!

Nice bake.  I'm working on some English Muffins now but I am going to do some bialys and bagels next.


Elagins's picture

nice job!!!

joyfulbaker's picture

Thank you, Ian, for the kind words.  Good luck with the bialys and bagels.  Stan, thanks for the support--makes me feel great!


breadsong's picture

Hi Joy,
You've really perfected your bialys - they look absolutely fantastic!
Thanks for the youtube link.
:^) breadsong


joyfulbaker's picture

Next time I bake the bialys, I'm going to follow Mimi Sheraton's advice and give them 3 risings.  That should make the dough lie down and behave!


dabrownman's picture

are too good to eat.  You need to send them to me for proper disposal so no one gets hurt.  Then I would be a joyfuleater ....eeerrrr.....bialy disposal expert:-)  Well I'm not waiting.  Will have make some of these tomorrow.  I've got some WW Joe Ortiz and YW levain cooling in the fridge.

Thanks for posting and the inspiration and very nice baking!