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Laminating with Cream Cheese?

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Laminating with Cream Cheese?

Hi Everyone,

Last year I saw a video for laminating dough using cream cheese instead of butter!  I can't find the link to the video but will keep searching.  Has anyone heard of laminating with cream cheese and if it actually works?


Might have been mascarpone, not sure.

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First-I am NOT the voice of experience with laminated doughs but maybe my inept answer/question will raise some response because I'd be curious as to the answer.

Laminated doughs generally work because of the fat content and the more moisture in the butter used can tend to affect the outcome of the texture (so I've read). I would think if you use a cream cheese it would have to be high/full fat cream cheese. As for the marscapone, and I'm not sure if the marscapone has too high a  moisture content. It is certainly delicious on top of a laminated pastry! :)

I would love to hear the pastry gurus here come back on this one. I'm always looking for new direction to take my baking hobby.

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Its not quite the same, but is this what you're looking for?

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I've learned a lot from this site-he has recipes,pictures and tutorials. I believe he would reply to emails.

Post back-I'd like to hear if it is possible to laminate a dough with cream cheese.Sounds delicious but I'm not sure if the fat content is high enough.

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Found the video.  He gets to the lamination near the end.  Would the dough stay laminated, or would the cream cheese get lost in the dough?  Would it have the same general effect as laminating butter into dough?

Anyone take a venture to try it?  If I do I'll post the results on here



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Well I tried to make Chocolate Rugelach one time, and while it tasted good, the dough was kind of flat.  It's a cream cheese dough where its cut into the dough like rough pastry.  Didnt look anything like the nice once I see at a local Jewish deli.  Now you got me thinking, maybe what most bakeries do that dont seem to be mentioned in the ricipes I found at the time was to laminte the dough with cream cheese.  Anyone?

This is what they should look like:

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I did try using cream cheese the other day to make croissant. It was not so sucessful. Here in Malaysia we have a problem with the high temperature and humidity when using butter. I though the cream cheese might be an answer. After seeing the video, which was made in Malaysia perhaps I should have another go.