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Sheeter porn, crispy rye flat bread

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Mini Oven

Sheeter porn, crispy rye flat bread

For you who love to watch sheeters and make crackers...    ENJOY!

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Mini, Thanks for posting the link.
Those seedy crackers look so good; what fabulous equipment, and cracker dough they have to work with...
rolls out beautifully!
:^) from breadsong

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I'm in love. That sheeter is awesome! I make ultra thin sesame semolina crackers--number 6 on my pasta machine--it takes forever.


highmtnpam's picture

I have sheeter envy.  Love crackers especially lavosh.  I admit it never occurred to me to use a pasta machine for anything but ravioli.


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will have to set my fertile mind to work and see if Ican't figure out some way to make myself one of those, less automatic, as I really don't need to to dozens of crackers but enough to make some nice crackers for eating and snacking on! I dont' think I can get them thin enough rolling them, not to mention the seeds rolled in nice and evenly.

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The cheese and pumpkin seed crackers sound really intriguing.