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last bake before holidays

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last bake before holidays

My last week at work brfore going on leave rolled around and i decided to make a batch of bread and give my starter to someone that i hope to be able to trust looking after it, i chose someone who loves my bread and has promised to look after it in the manner that it has been accustomed. So thursday saw the the mixing an the stretching and folding of the dough in readiness for a friday morning bake.  I decided to use the organic whole meal and organic white flour kindly donated by Millers flour mill here in Western Australia at the ratio of 2kgs white  1 kg whole meal this required 1 kg of 100% started and 2 kgs of water  salt was 70g and olive oil was added at 200g. I added green olives at the stretch and fold stage so as not to unduly squish the fruit.

I asked David the french chef to make me up a marinade for the olives that i had cured from a tree we had planted for  deceased colleague but when i went to pick up the marinade the day before dough making David had also included stuffed olives, no matter i just added mine to the others.

After mixing in the morning  i performed a couple of stretch and folds each hour  for 3 hours it was at this time the olives were added and folded in. The dough was divided into 750g pieces shaped and put onto boards in a couch this is actually a linen table cloth that does a mighty job and then retarded over night.

On the Friday i go into work early so that i can be out of the kitchen before the class starts David is the duty chef that day and is very supportive of my bread making and especially tasting.

So arriving at about 6.30 i turn on the ovens, the double decker is to slow to heat up so i opt for the  combo steam oven that gets up to temp in about 10 minutes and has the advantage of being able to use the steam to good effect.



the dough pieces after coming from the cool room and read to be placed onto trays

on the trays and preparing for slashing and decorating


bread in the oven and time for my first coffee for the day (sorry about the view  i had trouble getting this one to rotate)

 all done and dusted , the only thing left to do is the allocation of loaves all before my official start time down the other end of the institute as the purchasing officer.

Fresh bread for morning tea

On monday this bread  was still nice and moist attributed to the addition of the olive oil and great toasted with a poached egg on top. So im off to the Northern Terriotry on thursday flying up to Darwin for 9 days, there was a slogan for the NT that went "you will never never know if you never never go" so at least that will no longer apply, we are then taking the Ghan train from Darwin  through to Adelaide in South Australia for a few days  lots to see and do and a few Barrosa wines to try im sure before flying back to Perth. If there are any Aussie TFL members out there along the way id love to catch up pm ME.  

kind regards yozza


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Nice looking loaves and a nice set up that 'they' allow you to use.  Sure would be nice to bake that many loaves all in one load and still have a cool home.  

I will never never go to the NT as I live in the US and am hoping you take lots of photos to post here on your return from your leave. I would love to see the scenery and how it changes.  I don't imagine there will be many artisan bread shops along the way so I am not sure if you will be allowed to post pictures that aren't related to bread.....maybe toss a slice of bread somewhere in the photo so it 'qualifies' LOL

Take Care and enjoy your trip.


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Thanks Janet

yes i am lucky to be able to use the facilities of the college's kitchen, but it is a two way street i am often asked and help out with bread and dough making qestions, and always happy to share my knowledge with kids that are enthusiastic and want to learn.

I' m sure we will be able to come up with a KAKADU loaf or something of that nature.

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Sounds delish from your description of the dough.

My partner does some great preserves, and interestingly enough we have multiple jars of olives curing in brine in a dark corner of the kitchen counter. Some were sourced from our very small but productive olive tree in a pot, and others from overhanging olive branches around the neighbourhood (we're devoted scrumpers). Can't wait to try some of these - almost ready to marinate! We must swap some notes on olives.

What a trip! Love train travel, and the Ghan journey has to be one of the great train trips of the world. Ending off in the Barossa after the tropical climes of the NT is a terrif plan. John Downes reckons his favourite Aussie flour is South Australian, so hopefully you'll be able to sample some local artisan breads while there. Anyway, hope your trip is a beauty.

Bon voyage!

PS: I'm about to send you a PM on the Miller's flour.