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More Bread Fun

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More Bread Fun

Okay so my first starter was stolen. But, whoever thought there were goodies or some money in that bag were highly mistaken and very disappointed :) they got a healthy, 3-month-old, fermented sourdough starter and probably didn't even know what it was.  I've started another but this time I added milk. It called for half a cup but since I'm vegan I did 1/4 c dairy milk and 1/4 c almond milk.  I was scared almond milk wouldn't do what dairy does and might ruin the recipe. It's moving along very slowly and I'm worried it won't turn out but patience will tell. Since then, I've experimented with different recipes.  I got one of Paul Hollywood's books and made a brioche the other day.  It turned out pretty good but now how I wanted it to. Practice makes perfect! I'll just have to try it again. I want to try out a saffron bread and maybe invest in mastika or mechlebe but I'm hesitant because it's so expensive! Has anyone ever baked with mastika or mechlebe?


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Okay so my first starter was stolen. 

Wow, that's just not right! Sorry to hear that.

I've never tried baking with either mastika or mechlebe (mahlepi), it does sound interesting! 

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I just ordered some so I'll let you know how it goes!

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I have baked with mahleb, Choereg - Armenian Easter Bread

and Tsoureki - Greek Easter Bread

Every time I use 1 Tbl ground mahleb if using 1 kg flour. I just love the aroma and flavor of these breads. And since the price of mahleb in my country is easily affordable there is no problem with that.

With Gum Mastic I have made only Syrian Ice-cream

 Both breads are made with dry yeast, not sourdough.

Have a succesfull baking :)