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High fiber flour mix

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High fiber flour mix



I have been using King Arthur flour high fiber flour mix. The mix combines, white bread flour, barley flour and

hi-maize resistant corn starch.  KAF tells me this mix is proprietary. I've gotten a sample of hi-maize and would

like to make my own mix. Does anyone have any ideas on good formulations?


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Each cup of your high fiber flour mix will be a blend comprised of  86.8 grams (about 3.1 oz) of bread flour and 33.2 grams ( about 1.2 oz) of their KA Pure Corn Fiber product(hi maize corn starch).

That "barley flour" component is just the "malted barley flour" that is already a typical addition to most US bread flours(pretty sure, read the KA Hi Maize flour mix and bread flour ingredient labels).

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Hello  and thank you for the percentages.



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Mini Oven

Adding seeds and ground flax, nuts and flours with more than 5% fiber may get you there.  

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Gram for gram, hi-maize corn starch has far more fiber(60%) than anything mentioned here.

However, Sindlero probably already knows that. 

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Where can you get the stuff in Portland, OR?  Anyone know?  Sometimes, I can get Food Front to order specialty items from King Arthur (they carry their bread flour), so that is one possibility.  But, it would be nice if a local store carried it.

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You can buy the starch online at  I think you can get it other places, but I like this one, because they charge a flat shipping rate of $4.99, no matter how much you order.  It's ground shipping (pay more if you want it faster), but they ship quickly, so I usually get it within a week.

I am currently looking for a soft, less dense loaf of white whole wheat sandwich bread with fewer carbs and addtitional prebiotics, so am going to be testing with boiled flour and Hi-maize.  If anyone has already gone down this road, I would appreciate any tips you may have...