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dough hook for an old Hobart 20qt?

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dough hook for an old Hobart 20qt?

Where might I purchase a dough hook for an old Hobart 20 qt mixer?   I'm preparing to marshall a group of volunteers with no little or no bread baking experience through the baking of 50-100 loaves of challah for a fund raiser.  I can use the 20 qt mixer but if it ever had a dough hook, it's since disappeared.  Does anyone know where new or used parts might be found.  Also, I cannot find a model number on the machine.  Does anyone know where it might be or from whom I might ask?



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I would look to Ebay for the dough hook.  The serial number is to be found on the data plate on the backside of the mixer.  This plate could be missing.


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Or contact the Hobart office. (I just tried to insert the link but it triggered the spam filter.) They sometimes have used parts for sale. If they know it's for fundraising, they may give a discount.

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Thanks to those of you who've replied to date.  Meanwhile, on a whim, I searched for "parts for old Hobart mixers" using a search engine.  Turns out there are dealers of these parts easily found.  The Hobart I'm to work with has no serial number on it anywhere.  But its size suggests to the guys at the two websites I called that it's an A-200.  They have loads of old dough hooks.  Thanks for your replies.  Oh, I found nothing in Ebay.

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gardener-cook Joan have them available for a rather steep price--$50 something.