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Low GI/diabetic friendly

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Low GI/diabetic friendly

Morning all. 

as a diabetic there are many breads that put my spike my sugar levels through the roof. Something that most diabetics have but try to avoid. 

I've worked out that rye bread, made with white and dark rye flours, doesnt spike my levels, I add a heap of grains and seeds to it to help make it low GI as well.. was wondering though if others have had some luck with other flours?

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Sourdough is supposed to put the bread lower on the GI index, probably because of the acid levels.  So I'd go for a whole grain sourdough bread. 

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Aussie Pete

Hi there,

All genuine artisan sourdough bread is low in it's GI rating, which is good. If buying from a commercial baker that does not bake artisan bread styles use wholegrain (not wholemeal) seeded bread. Or better still make your own wholegrain sourdough loaf.

Best soudough is homemade that way you know it is a genuine product. Some commercial bakers will add things to give it a sour taste but it is not the real McCoy. ie they avoid the time it takes for the natural yeast to rise and develop in artisn style breads as it should.

Plenty of sourdough starter recipies on this site, also corn bread is another low GI bread.I make this using cornmeal or polenta..................Cheers     Pete