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I made croissant yesterday and the result was exactly like the picture on my recipe. It taste great but I am really curious about the different of my croissant and the one I usually buy on grocery store. Grocery one is soft inside and outside, while mine is crispy in the outside, soft in the inside. Is it because of the glaze?  Iam using egg yolk + milk.Thanks

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... while the one at the grocery store is croissant-shaped enriched bread. The crispy thin layers on the outside are typical of real puff pastry. The glaze just gives the surface of your croissant a nice color and shine.

Congratulations and enjoy the taste and crunch of real croissant, you won't see it often in the US (unless you get in the habit of making it).

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Croissants are supposed to be flaky. I think a soft croissant in stores are like danish shaped crescents. They probably added an egg or two in the dough. The egg is what makes the dough soft but less flaky.

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Thank you for the replies. I feel very happy now.  I never eat "real"  croissant, the only one I eat was from grocery stores, so I though I am the one who make wrong recipes, but I already made 4 times from different recipes with the same result :P

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Hi I was wondering if someone could help me out. I have made croissants twice now but each time they don't rise at all in the final proof and there aren't any layers even though I do 4 turns. It is really frustrating as I can't understand what I am doing incorrectly...