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Simple rye/honey/water starter.  This one came out SUPER soft...incredibley soft.  I absolutely am in love with the texture.  It's kind of a mixture of all sorts of flours since I had a tons of small amounts left.  I had some organic gold&white from my co-op, KA AP, KA bread flour, and rye from my coop, and a stone ground white from a water mill a couple towns over.  Yea...5 kinds of flour in this bread.  It's wonderful!



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Made some pizza last night.  It finally got over 50 degrees here and for whatever reason I was in a major pizza mood! 

Made this dough with flax meal added to it.  Nice stuff.  I baked it on my Lodge cast iron griddle that preheated in my oven for an hour at 550 degrees.  That's why the pizzas are a little odd shaped.  but mmmm, so tasty.  Also, some ciabatta's from a couple weeks ago.  




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I'm brand new to this site, and WOW!  Awesome stuff.  I had never really ventured out online to find bread baking forums before.  I just kind of did my own thing and learned from people along the way (mainly my father, who's an excellent baker) and cook really only for myself and my girlfriend.  I have baked professionally in the past, but now have my own business in the financial markets and get to bake at home whenver I want, which is awesome.  I plan to keep a little blog here with some pictures of breads I bake.  Just a fun place to keep a journal of that part of my life.


The first pics are of my 2nd and 3rd attempts at a regular ol' sourdough boule.  


my second one

ciabatta sandwich rolls

and fougasse I made for some friends

I dont have many pics of stuff I've made, but continue to take more as I bake more.  My girlfriend absolutely loves taking pictures of everything, so I'm sure there'll be more in the future.  Have some pizza dough rising right now for tonight.  Spring's finally here and I feel in the mood for pizza like never before!





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