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I am just wondering if anybody knows why some alveoli are elongated and some are round? Does it have to do with oven spring? Or the folding technique? Any ideas would be great. 

This bread had a 6 hour levain build until doubled. 

2 hour autolyse

20% levain added followed by 30 min rest and then salt added and 10 min slap and fold. Bulk ferment was 5.25 hr with 4 stretch and folds, preshape, 25 min bench rest, final shape, 16 hour cold proof. 


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I am having trouble deciding if this is a good crumb or fools crumb. I have underfermented breads before and they were very dense, but this loaf was not dense. Light and airy. It just has a unique pattern of bubbles. The bulk ferment was 4.5 hours at 76F. Followed by a cold proof for 14 hours. Any feedback or tips would be great. Thanks

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