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Hey guys, 

I wanted to experiment with other flavors so I accidentally made this delicious "baguette". I was actually just adding things as I was making the bread.

blended the banana with the water and added coco powder to it and then I was like let me mix some almond meal with my flour so I did. Then as I was stretching and folding I added some ground cardamom to the dough. the flavors of the bread went so great with Nutella.

I think this would be a great breakfast bread with some jam or butter or whatever sweet spreads you have. 

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Hello Guys, 

Here's a bread that I made a couple of days ago and I thought I'd share it with you. Im just going to jump into the recipe. 

The following are the ingredients I used:

- 200 g bread flour.

- 120 g room temp water (60% hydration)

- 1/2 tsp instant yeast

- 1/4 cup greek yogurt 

- 4 g salt 

- 3 g sugar (optinal) 

- 1 1/2 tbsp olive oil.

I mixed water, yeast, yogurt, salt, sugar together, put it in my stand mixer bowl, added the dough and mix on low speed for about 3 min. then i added the oil and mixed for another 3 mins. l then let the dough relax for 30 min and did three stretch and folds at 30 min intervals and then put the whole thing in the fridge. 

The next day I took the dough out of the fridge 2 hours before baking. divided it into balls and let them proof for about 2 hours. I preheated my oven to the max 550 F. when i was ready to bake, i took one of the balls and stretched it like if it was pizza dough (not too thick and not too thin) and poked it with a fork a couple of times in the middle and then placed in my 550F oven for about 5 min (or untill it puffs up and browns). As soon as it came out, i brushed it with some melted salted butter and it was soooo delicious.



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Hey guys, 

I am pretty new to this forum but oh my does it have a great amount of information! I have a pretty good professional cooking background (even though I am an engineer lol) but I recently became interested in bread making. I tried making a baguette for the first time and the result was ok... it had a nice outer look and a nice oven spring but the crumb was a little off. I read a lot about what makes a good open crumb and, despite what I read, I came to the conclusion that the main reasons for an open crumb result are: a couple of very gentle stretch and folds, long cold fermentation, and very little kneading  (I'm sure a lot of you bread professionals know that). Once, I even shaped my loaves aggressively just to see if it affects the final result (because I read that you are supposed to shape the dough very loosely to obtain an open crumb) but it had no affect on whether I achieved an open crumb or not!

oh I also wanted to mention how I steamed my oven. Well, I kind've made a little steamed oven inside my oven. I used a big turkey roasting pan, preheated it with the lid on at 500F, and placed a small turkish coffee pot (google it) filled with boiling water at the corner of the inside of the roasting pan. Then I put my loaf on nonstick aluminum foil and placed it inside the roasting pan, put the lid on, and reduced the heat to 460F. After baking/steaming it for 10 mins, then I took the roasting pan lid off and removed the turkish coffee pot before baking the loaf for another 13 more minutes or so. 

See pictures of my results! Questions and comments are welcomed :D




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