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Day 1


Day 2


I'm using Hamelman's sourdough baguette formula. For the scoring I use a blade on a stick. It's hard to get results without regular practice, I'm trying to do it at least once a week. 

For scoring tips and tutorials I read Hamelman's Bread, Michel Suas' Advanced techniques and dmsnyder's really helpful tutorial (

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Hey, everyone!

My name is Renata and I've been reading TFL for a long time, always thinking about being a part of the community. And now it's the time for it. I want to learn more about sourdough bread and improve my technique.


This one is my regular whole-wheat sourdough. I wasn't happy with the scoring in this one, the loaf was underproofed. But the flavor and texture were nice.

White flour                                                  70%

Whole-wheat flour                                  30%

Water                                                             65%

Salt                                                                    2% 

Mature 100% sourdough starter        25%

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