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Starter out of fridge almost a week


1200g dough.  Seems like a good fit for my equipment. And makes the math easy ;)

Baked in preheated Rompertof

Baked until 210 and "dried" in cracked oven

Rise and oven spring seemed solid, but crumb is pretty closed? And not "gummy", but not dry either.  Crust is dry and crisp.

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436g Bread Flour
24g Whole Wheat Flour
290g Water
10g Salt


Haven't baked in forever.


House temp 74F

All water from fridge 66F

Flours:KAF Bread and KAF WWW

 Finished weight 695g approx 24oz

Refriderated starter refreshed four times using KAF AP. Final build KAF Bread.


9pm-premix into fridge

12:50am-premix out on counter and levain built

9:40am-added 55g starter, not 50g. Probably accounts for dough progressing (I think) 30-45 mi minutes faster than recipe (but I kept to the listed schedule).  Haveing trouble with the ''rolling" so just did the 3 bowl spinning.

10:15-into new bowl. Dough slightly tacky and looks and feels great .

12:15-1st S&F

Oops, promised to take kids to Hotel Transylvania. Missed 2nd S&F. 

3:15-Do a late S&F, which was a mistake so close to end of bulk.  Stuck/deflated a bit. I think it is proofed, but decide to let it go the next hour due to the prior deflation, because previous loaves have been a bit under proofed, and wanting to stick to the plan.

4:15-Ugh, did I mess this up. Stuck and deflated some.  Didn't put flour down and dough stuck.  Bench knife worked but hard for me to shape like that . Attempted to preshape as a boule but pancaked and stuck

 4:45-Once I tore it onto a bit of flour, shaped following KAF shaping video . Think it was okay but not great . 

6:55-Preheat finished (20min) with rompertof preheated also   possibly over proofed? Stuck very badly to banneton liner despite rice flour . I thought I put plenty in.  Guess I need more . 


Baked 30min covered 15 uncovered internal temperature 212F.  Want slightly lighter crust next time . 


Next time

1. Lots more rice flour in banneton

2 . Flour on bench

3. Study prerounding techniques

4.  Stay with 'full' proofing

5.  Slight increase in dough amount?

6 .Wet hands helped






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