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Well I had ordered a sourdough started from the friends of Carl a while back and never got around to activating it. So I got a coupla containers over the weekend and activated it according to the book Classic Sourdough by Ed Wood,( 7pm) well it took off incredibly fast.....but there was a layer of hooch in the middle by morning. So around 9:30am I decided to wash it also according to the book, by 11am it had risen 1 1/2" and was still on the rise, we went away and when we returned home aroung 4 in the afternoon it had risen a good 2". Well I washed it again at 4 and by 7pm it was ready to be divided again, so I divided it at 7 and by 8 it was cralwing out the top of the containers.(It had risen over 2 cups and 2 1/2 ", in an hour ) So I divided it and washed it one final time at 8pm and tossed it into the frige for the night, over night it had risen over an inch in the fridge. This morning I took one container from the fridge and am making Cinnamon raisin nut Bread also from the book so we will see how it turns out.

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