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This a adapted from a formula I've used for a few years now and decided to replace the 100% Hydration Poolish with 100% Hydration Levain. I made no adjustments to original formula for this.

Original formula is from Bread Bakers Guild Team USA 2002






Final Dough








Dissolve Yeast in water

Add flour and mix until smooth and well incorporated

Let ferment 12 -14 hrs at 70degF until poolish has risen and just begins to fall.


Final Dough

Place Water, Flour, Malt and Poolish in bowl of vertical mixer and mix on speed 1 for 4-5 minutes or until all ingredients are well incorporated.

Rest for autolyse for 20 minutes

Add Yeast and Salt and mix speed 1 for 2 minutes

Mix speed 2 for 1-3 minutes to develop structure

Gluten should not be fully developed

Dough will be light and lively and be on the soft side.

Ferment at 75degF 2 hrs with punch and fold at 1 hr

Divide into 12 oz pcs and gently preshape into cylinders and rest for 30 minutes

Shape into baguettes

Final Proof 50-60 minutes

Bake at 475degF for 20-25 minutes with steam( mine take approx 18 minutes in my oven)

Vent oven for last 3 minutes of baking


The last three photos are baguettes I retarded for approx 4 hrs before proofing and baking. To bring to room temp and proof took approx. 2 hrs.

These retarded baguettes browned much more quickly and had a more open crumb.




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Here's a Rustic Italian Round I baked today using straight dough method with 15% levain added.

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Just recently joined this site and enjoying it very much! I had these photos from some breads I have made in the past. No crumb pics! Breads are long gone. Will Include those in future posts.

Sun Dried Tomato Bread w/Biga


Potato Bread-Straight Dough


Italian Bread-Straight Dough


Baguette w/ Poolish

Old Fashioned Bread w/Biga

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