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Dear Loafers, below are photos of my first sourdough loaf, and I'd love some critical feedback.  Do any more experienced bakers see defects in the crumb, for instance?

This is a BBA Poilane style loaf recipe from Breadtopia,  I used a Le Creuset instead of a La Cloche, and the bottom was a bit darker than ideal.  I should have checked it once I removed the lid for phase two of the baking.

The starter was a 100% hydration white bread flour with a two-week rest in the fridge.  The flavor is delicious and complex with a good but mild sourness.  The crumb looks a bit dense, but it is not dense in mouth feel.  It has a pleasing chew.

This was my first use of a lame and I really loved it, although as you can see I scored much too close to the center.



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