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When I read about changing my password this morning, I kept expecting to sign in by repeating the old password twice (like all automatic pilots do) and then brought to a page where I sign in my new password twice--but oddly, having a password that has 10 letters of odd caps and including two vowels only made me wonder if I were in 9th grade typing class again. It didn't help to be told to place a new password in the second box, when the old one was only 4 minutes old! A four minutes in existence password isn't old enough to be called old! Maybe former?


I am going to be asking people to discover kudzu and Juanita Baldwin who has explored the nutritional benefits of kudzu with labs and explore making breads with kudzu. This is important because of the protein and flavonoid content, fiber, as well as being a famine food. For anyone who knows a Great Depression survivor who didn't live on a farm, there will be no argument about this path I am exploring.


I have made yeast bread once in my life (not including the beer bread) and ducks wouldn't couldn't shouldn't eat it. A year wouldn't disintigrate it in Jacksonville, Florida in the front yard during rain, snow (1989 it snowed on Christmas Eve) and other weather.


 // Kudzu Kwestions Charlotte:





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I was sent the password from Hades, I think!

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