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Ask Questions, More Importantly Know the Answer

I think about bread a lot.  This idea is very hard for me to convey to people.  Then, again, many of my ideas are hard to convey.  This is typical of somebody with Asperger’s, even more so when the co-morbid obsession is bread.

I forget other people don’t know what I know.  It also irks me when people ask me to give more explanatory background on something I consider to be plainly obvious. 

When asked the question, “Where did you learn that?” the answer is always the same:  I looked it up, then I remembered the answer.  When I do not know something, I look it up.  If I cannot find the answer, I keep looking.  This does not seem so different than most people, and I suppose it’s not.  What is different, though, is the strength of the feeling to look it up as well as the frequency.  This goes for the strength of the feeling to want to remember it, too.  My memory is not particularly better than anybody else’s.  Yet I remember everything I read.  Why?  I will forgo social interaction to find the answer to what I am looking for and then remember it.  How often?  Every second of consciousness when not spoken to.  Almost quite literally.  This is Asperger’s.  It has been this way for decades.

I do not believe in the concept of genius, but I do believe in the concept of hours put in.

Part of this blog will be to ask questions, and, when possible, to document the answers.


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