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Water amount in Leader's rye sourdough

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Water amount in Leader's rye sourdough

I want to try some of the German breads in the book (Local Breads). The rye starte sais to use 80%  water for the first days until the culture is stabled. After that' the water amount in the refreshment is 130 or somewht percent. is it correct? why does he begin with a 80% starter and convert it to 130? I am building a rye sourdough with my stiff levain so should I use 130% water?

Thank you very much!

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Hi, jsk.

Leader's instructions are for building a rye sour from scratch. If you are converting a wheat sourdough starter to rye, you have a simpler job to do. Basically, you want to feed your starter with rye (instead of wheat), let it ripen and then feed it with rye once more and let it ripen. You should be good to go.

In feeding the starter, I would take about a half cup of your stiff levain and dissolve it in about a half cup of water. (Leader describes the technique.) Then add about 3/4 cup of rye flour and mix to a thick paste. Sprinkle the surface with another 1/4 cup of rye flour and cover the bowl. 

The sour is ready for another feeding when the mixture is expanded so the dry rye flour has separated into widely spaced islands.

If this is not clear, let me know.


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Thank you very much David!

I will make it that way and post the outcome.