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Last night I tried out the Casatiello from "The Bread Baker's Apprentice". It's a kind of brioche with cheddar cheese and bits of sausage in it.

It recommends using hard cured salami, but instead I picked up a roll of summer sausage and sauted it. It worked beautifully.

The bread is creamy and rich, and extremely satisfying. It takes about 5 hours to make, but is well worth the time and effort.

We had company, and the bread disappeared entirely within two hours.

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Yum. I was looking at that recipe just the other day.

The only times I've baked breads with meat in them they have been extremely lean doughs. As you said, this one is rich, more like brioche than a French Bread. Eating it, you didn't find this one too rich? Or is the solution just not to eat too much of it in one sitting?

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Well, it wants the hard cured meat so that it doesn't affect the bread so much, or have issues with rotting. Which is why I cooked the sasuage a good bit.

We had a party, with about a dozen people attending. They ate it right up, so I didn't get the opportunity to really muck about with eating too much.

I suspect that when dealing with people who don't eat rich foods much, or have little exposure to home-made bread, they have fewer issues with it being rich than soembody who eats such things a lot on their own.

Mind you, I also had an entire pan of cream cheese brownies there, so it was a full meal for some folks.