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Seam Sealing

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Joe Fisher

Seam Sealing

I just finished two sourdough loaves. There was so much oven spring, they both blew their seams at the bottom, and one split the top crust, in spite of the slashes.

So, I do have to make my slashes deeper, but I wanted to ask you all: do you do anything special to seal your seams? I press mine closed against the counter, then give them a pinch along the whole seam.



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I do exactly what you do Joe, though I've found I have to be a little more aggressive than I was at first. My loaves weren't even waiting until the bake to come undone. I'd get up in the morning, and find them all blissed out and open in the fridge.

Not sure who said it, but I've read a baker needs an iron hand in a velvet glove. I've been emphasizing the iron hand lately, and have had more success.