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Volume to weight conversions

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Volume to weight conversions

Here are some commonly needed volume to weight conversions from a popular reference:

All-purpose flour: 1 cup = 5 oz = 142 g

Bread flour: 1 cup = 5.5 oz = 156 g

Whole wheat flour: 1 cup = 5 oz = 144 g

Rye flour: 1 cup = 4.6 oz = 130 g

For reference

1 cup = 2.37 dl
1 dl = 0.423 cup = 6.8 tbs

(cup and tbs are US (presumably ANSI) cup and US tablespoon. I have no idea what a metric cup or metric tablespoon are, although they do seem to exist!).


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How much does starter weight?  Let's say 2 cups rye starter?



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crumb bum

The weight of the starter would depend entirely on the hydration of the starter.  I like to relate everything to the amount of flour used.  For example if you have a starter that you feed 1 cup flour and 1 cup by volume it is at 166% hydration.  Water (237g) divided by Flour (142g) equals 1.66 or 166%.  For me it is much easier to calculate the amount of starter needed for a dough as a percentage.  It will save you having to convert back and forth.  Hope this helps.

Da Crumb Bum