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Reinhart's Bagel recipe

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Reinhart's Bagel recipe

It looks like many of us here bake Reinhart's bagels (in Bread-Bakers Apprentice). So I am curious to hear further comments. What temperature? cook times? substitutions? Using in what kind of oven?

I have just completed my 8th attempt and finally seemed to have achieved the lift, texture, flavor, and 'toothiness' I've wanted. I changed to a 14 minute cook time at 500F (and didn't reduce heat to 450 as Reinhart says). I do have an old Magic Chef oven (terrible insulation), so maybe that's the problem, but I do have an 1" slate paver lining the bottom that retains heat very well.

Other changes that you find improves your results? I've seen some of your pics and the one thing I noticed that was consistent was the lift and color. Ever bake them directly on a stone? Sheet pan? Parchment?

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Joe Fisher

I follow the recipe pretty much to the letter. Like you, I have found they benefit from a bit more cooking. They still end up softer than the NY bagels I'm used to, though.

I bake them right on the sheet pans, lined with parchment.