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Summer Herb sourdough rye

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Joe Fisher

Summer Herb sourdough rye

Here's a nice pair of loaves from Bread Alone. It's made from a 100% rye starter. It includes all the fresh herbs I had in my fridge (tarragon and thyme) and 4 cloves of garlic.

I wanted to make the dough in the evening, shape it, and retard it in the fridge overnight. I got a bit of a late start, and the dough had almost-but-not-quite doubled in its first ferment by 1am. I had to be baking it by 7am, meaning it'd have to be out of the fridge and warming up by about 6am (which is when I got up to heat the oven). So I didn't think it'd have enough time to get a good rise in the fridge.

So, I shaped the loaves, put them on the back of sheet pans, and put them on the concrete floor of my 60 degree basement. Worked like a charm! They were beautifully doubled when I went down to get them in the morning.

The long, cool ferment (and possibly the garlic!) really brought out the sour tang in these. I took one to a family function today, and it was a HUGE hit!

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You can see I'm having fun with my home made lame ;) I'll have to post some pix of that later.