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Buy Fresh Buy Local

Today the restaurant I work for hosted a buy fresh, buy local dinner. I baked some local sourdough for the event and also made some peach/honey ice cream. I baked nine loaves, more than I have ever made before. I used Vermont Sourdough Bread with Whole Wheat from Hamelman's Bread book. Here are a few pictures. I didn't get any of the crumb but it was pretty open. 




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The loaves look great.  I make the same sourdough most weekends.  I make one free form like yours and the other using in a pan.  Have you tried the alternative in Hamelman’s book by replacing the wheat with rye?  It’s fabulous!



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Wow -  nine loaves and they all look great.  Thanks for sharing the pics.


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Nice looking loaves, bakerwendy. And by the time you got to the last batch you must have felt ready to open a bakery! They look like you got a very nice oven spring. BTW I make the same recipe, with the WW, and I love it.

Your lucky customers, homemade sourdough AND peach/honey ice cream? They'll be back.

Soundman (David)

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 Thank you all for your gracious responses.

Gavin, I have tried the recipe with rye flour, very good. I was wondering if you have ever experimented with adding more whole wheat to the recipe. I think tomorrow I am going to try making the liquid levain with whole wheat. I will try to remember to post my results.