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Limpa batter bread from sourdough starter leftovers

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Limpa batter bread from sourdough starter leftovers

I bought a new book "Classic Sourdoughs" by Ed Wood (the baker not the old Hollywood actor!) just to read it and get a sense of sourdough history. But then, I just jumped in to try a new recipe, the 'simple' batter bread that is mixed entirely by beating, no kneading required. First I made his basic sourdough batter from some leftover liquid starter I had handy. (The 2 cups starter was first proofed 6 hours at 80-85F with 2 cups flour and 1/2 cup water. Then salt, sugar, and butter, milk and more flour was added.) From this basic batter I made the recipe, Limpa Batter Bread, which I added molasses, caraway seeds, orange zest, cup of rye flour, and bit more milk. I just mixed everything up well, poured it into loaf pans and proofed about two hours at 80-85F again. I was time constrained and should have proofed it longer, I only let it rise to the top and it should have been over a bit, so it wasn't as tall as it could have been. Baked at 350F for about 45 minutes. The taste was nicely sourdough (I like a little bite) and the crumb and holes were good, slightly moist like any batter bread. 

Limpa batter breadLimpa batter bread 

Toasted, made into grilled cheese sandwiches, just to snack on -- all tasted good. 



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Mini Oven

This does sound interesting.  Sometimes I would rather just pour a loaf and not fuss with folding or kneading.  It looks easy.  

Mini O