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how long can i keep a whole wheat starter?

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how long can i keep a whole wheat starter?

hi there, i have a starter that i "started" with AP flour and worked great - i kept feeding it and it lasted for 2 months or so. then i decided to make it a whole wheat starter so i started using WW flour instead of AP for the feedings.  even though i covered it while on the counter w/ saran wrap a fruit fly or two still managed to get in there (which didn't happen w/ the AP starter).

so i put it in the fridge, and it's been in there sleeping for almost a month.  should i toss it or do you think i can revive it?

 thanks for any help you can offer.


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So I just came back from a week at my parents' kids call it "Oma Camp", and for me it was bread baking camp!  (4 different loaves out of Local Breads).  

Anyway, I dig around in my parents' fridge and find the liquid levain I gave them back at Easter...untouched!!  Four months it had been sitting there in its own hooch, unfed.  I was worried.  Contemplated sending it out to the compost pile.

But two feedings later and we had bubbles, and got some nice rise.

This time I left them with a perky firm starter, my copy of WGB, and strict instructions for feeding.  I think my dad was too psyched out about the idea of using sourdough until he saw me in action.  They love whole grains and I think WGB does a good job of holding a baker's hand.  

Got my fingers crossed that I won't find an untouched gushy lump of firm dough in the fridge at Christmas...

So, Lungalux, a month isn't bad at all.  i suspect other posters can offer further stories about the antique Lazarus starter that came back to life...




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