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What type of oil/fat is your favorite in your bread recipe?

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What type of oil/fat is your favorite in your bread recipe?

I've tried various ones, but can't seem to settle on a favorite.  (I've yet to try lard, though).   Also, what percentage do you use? (I've settle around 2 - 4%

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So far, butter is what I use most. Other than that, I've sometimes used EVOO, sometimes walnut and occasionally grapeseed oil. I also haven't tried lard, though I have some in the cupboard. It really isn't an option for me in bread since I have a vegetarian housemate and when I make bread it's for the whole household.

How much I use is very dependent on the bread I'm making. I think 2.5% is probably about normal for a sandwich type loaf for me, which is what I make most often.


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That's what I usually have on hand so that's what I use.  Don't like canola oil, and my sister-in-law is allergic to corn so I don't use that.  I only use butter if I'm making a very rich bread, like brioche.  Or croissants, of course.

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Mini Oven

in my favorite recipes.  I oil my bowl with sunflower or olive oil.  Mini O

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If the recipe calls for oil.  I make all my breads without dairy or lard. 


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SYLVIAH  My favorite oil is extra virgin olive oil...I use it whenever I can.

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I use a spray of canola or olive oil for the bowl or kneading board. My favorite breads are simple: flour, starter, water, and salt. Sometimes seeds.

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Well since you asked. :) No kind. Like Lindy I prefer my bread *without* any shortening in it. So no oil, butter, margerine or shortening. In fact now that I bake with the sourdough starter, and without commersial yeast, I even stopped adding sugar to my dough. :)


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buns of steel

I'm another one who prefers a "clean" formula, with no oil or fat. Just flour/grains, water, salt, and starter. No oil on the bowl either, or coating the dough for rising.

Now, that's not to say, that I don't like a good brioche, or other decadent enriched treats with some serious fat in them ;)

But in bread itself, no oil.

Although I have to make an exception for Dan Leader's recipe for Semolina Sandwich Loaf... nice with all that olive oil. Then there's a good focacce or white pizza, but the oil's just on top, not in the dough.